Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R / イチダントアール

The second game in the Puzzle & Action series. Instead of the detectives & robbers theme of the first game, it has a medieval fantasy theme, or more accurately a JRPG theme; in the Mega Drive version, they even added an RPG mode!

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Mega Drive Mode Guide

The Japanese-only Mega Drive game is part of the SEGA AGES release of Ichidant-R. The digital manual offers a helpful guide to the various modes and aspects of the Mega Drive game, complete with a full walkthrough for the Quest mode! For the full manual, please see the SEGA AGES manuals website.

Page 11: mode selection, gameplay outline

Page 12: walkthrough part 1

Page 13: walkthrough part 2, Competition mode

Page 14: Free mode and options

A text version follows:


More or less identical to the regular Arcade Mode.


An RPG style adventure mode for up to 2 players. Collect the Philosopher's Stones to defeat the evil king. Of course, his henchmen will make your journey more difficult by presenting you with difficult challenges.

Quest Rules

Move the knights around the gamefield to enjoy the adventure. During 2 player play, only player 1 can move the knights and select games. As with Arcade Mode, both players contribute to meeting the clear quota.

Without a certain level of Japanese literacy, you may have difficulty navigating the adventure. The following hints should help you find your way.


As the first villager explains, your goal is to collect all five Philosopher's Stones to bring down the barrier protecting the castle. Each stone is located inside a monument, so you simply have to find each monument and ask the oracle in charge for the stone. Of course, they're not going to just give it to you... Complete a simple challenge though and the stone is yours!!

Once you have collected all five, head for the castle and fight off the evil king by attacking his platfor while avoiding the magic fireballs. Congratulations! The kingdom is saved, the good king is happy, the princess is very happy!! The end.

Forest Monument

Head north of the first village to find the monument in the middle of the forest. It's that simple!

Labyrinth Monument

Head south then east of the first village to find the labyrinth village. From there you will need to navigate the mountains to the furthest south-western reaches to find the monument. Remember you'll have to find your way back out again after!

Desert Monument

Head north-east of the first village to find the desert village. From there head north across the desert, taking care not to fall into quicksand--quicksand can be seen if you watch carefully! Falling into quicksand will dump you back to the village, which is more annoying than anything else. North of the desert are four monuments. Only one is the correct one. Pick wisely!

River Monument

Head far east of the first village and to the north you'll find the river village. Getting to the monument is a little more tricky... Jump in the river and let it take you south to the news village. Headlines are that in the river village is a strange man with unknown magical powers. The mystery deepens. Head back to the river village and let the man use his magic to change the river flow. It can now take you very near to the monument.

Village Cluster Monument

Head far east of the first village then south (or south-west of the river monument) to find the village cluster village. The monument is in one of the many villages, but which one? Enter a village for a hint on where to look next: 北: North 東: East 南: South 西: West or the vaguely worded このあたり: Nearby このあたりにはない: Not nearby. Altenatively, you may be asked if you want to search it: choose はい: Yes いいえ: No. Choose wrong and you'll lose a life!


The castle is immediately to the north of the cluster of villages in the village cluster village.

Secret Spots

At certain points on the map you can find a secret spot. Here you will receive a bonus life!


As you move around the game map, you will occasionally be challenged by a henchman. Clear the challenge to receive points to increase your level, earning you more lives.

Infinite Credits

Go to オプション: Options at the main menu and set BGM and SE to 11. You can now set クレジット: Credits to ∞, earning yourself infinite credits in this mode! No more worrying about running out of continues!

コンペ: Competition

A competitive mode for 2 to 4 players. Stop the wheel to determine how many squares you progress, then play the game marked on that square. The player that reaches the goal first takes on the boss!

Competition Rules

There is no life system, so the game ends when somebody wins. Player 1 decides the journey's length (みじかいたび: short, ふうらのたび: normal, なか〜いたび: long), and stops the first wheel spin to determine which player goes first.

The next spin determines how many squares the firt player progreses and the game to play. A single clear earns you 1 point, and a failure takes 1 point away. The process repeats until a player earns the set number of points and wins.

フリー: Free

A free play mode for 1 to 4 players! Make sure players 2 to 4 have pressed X to register their entry before you confirm the game selection.

Free Rules

There is no life system, so the game end when somebody wins. A single clear earns you 1 point, and a failure takes 1 point away. Don't worry; your points cannot drop below -3.

オプション: Options

Make changes to the game settings below:

レベル: Level

Set difficulty for both Arcade and Quest. Set to: らくしょう: easy-peasy ふつう: normal きびしー: tough.

クレジット: Credits

Set how many Continues you can use.

BGM / SE: Music and Sound effects

Listen to game music and sound effects. Use the directional buttons to select a track number, then press B to play, Y to stop, and A to fade out.

もどる: Return

Save changes and return to the main menu.